A great bike is no good if your technique is wrong

Our main focus is on how your body works with your bike. If both are in sync and balanced with each other then the result is less strain and improved performance.

Elite riders sit in very aggressive aerodynamic positions – i’ts their job. These positions are hard on the body, but because they do it day to day they have the strength to be able to ride this position without serious harm.

Our Bike fitting service takes place at our Belfast clinic. It is a 2-3 hour consultation and costs £100.


What is included?

You will bring your bike to the clinic.

On our turbo, our sports biomechanist will measure, analyse, adjust and optimise all contact points & body angles, including:

  • Foot & cleat positioning
  • Saddle height & knee angle
  • Saddle position & weight distribution
  • Shoulder angle & reach
  • Back angle or drop

The aim of the service is to optimise your bike setup & your cycling geometry position, amount of motion on the saddle which:

  • Improves Comfort
  • Improves Efficiency & Sustainability
  • Enhances Performance
  • Reduces your risk of injury

If any underlying physical issues are identified, we will recommend that you undertake a tailored rehabilitation programme.

  • Suggestions for technique, posture or movement changes
  • Physical assessment to identify & correct any physiological weaknesses negatively affecting cycle position, technique & performance.
  • Power analysis during a hill session or a 10km time trial to identify where you have weak spots in your pedal stroke due to either technique or muscle weakness
  • Individually tailored corrective rehabilitation programme of stretching, mobility & stability exercises
  • Individual advice covering posture, cycle biomechanics & injury risks, & prevention strategies

Ideally we would like to see all riders have positions such as those seen below.

However due to the mainly office or desk bound jobs we endure between rides, our position, performance and comfort on the bike is often impeded.

Therefore it’s best to fit both the rider and the bike.