Optimal Founder Leo Neenan

Our philosophy at Optimal Biomechanics is to improve performance and reduce injury risk and rate by improving how you move. We work harder to make your body work better. Our specialty is the long-term muscle pain and discomfort that doesn’t allow you to play or live your life fully.

Regardless of your sport, we know that improved movement control, balance, speed and coordination will lead to improved performance.

That’s why we have developed a range of tests and movement screens measured by top of the range technology which are specific to each sport or injury so that we can target the cause of your pain.

Our founder, Leo Neenan, is a Sports Rehab Therapist specialising in the biomechanics of sports injuries – how and why injuries happen. With a clear understanding of why injury has occurred a more comprehensive rehab plan can be developed, thereby reducing the chance of the injury happening in the future.

Leo is a graduate in Sports Rehabilitation and has 15 years experience working with a wide range of sports people, including Wigan Warriers and Rugby League. Leo has previously worked in professional rugby and with elite and developing athletes in a wide range of sports and uses this experience to bring elite treatment services to all levels of athletes.