Running and gait analysis

This is an accurate and scientific analysis used to track the movement of your posture including pelvis, legs, and feet during functional movement, such as walking and running.  This analysis provides a scientific and accurate assessment of your gait mechanics and is combined with a clinical assessment by a health professional.

Our Running analysis service is a one and a half hour consultation and costs £70


How is it done?

We analyze your posture and joint range of motion before moving on to your running biomechanics. We identify any weaknesses that may be detrimental to your running performance and help you improve them.

The assessment begins with a posture analysis and a running posture strength analysis. We also assess the structure and function of your feet and whether you over pronate (as many do) and whether you may need any specific shoe or orthotic intervention. During this session we also assess your single leg balance ability, a quality often neglected when improving functional ability in sports.

Following posture-based assessments, we then analyze your running on the treadmill looking specifically at joint motion. We compare both sides of the body to highlight any inefficiencies in your run. This is done using our Kinetisense Software.

What you will receive…

A detailed report of your running gait highlighting biomechanical issues, movement asymmetries and performance indicators (if appropriate), which will be discussed with you. This includes a 2D and 3D animation of you running/walking on the treadmill, highlighting the main areas to monitor and improve.

This report also includes:

– A rehabilitation programme to address any issues identified.

– Running technique and performance advice, including a gait retraining trial if appropriate.

– Further treatment recommendations if necessary, which might include gait retraining.

If you are struggling with an injury the end result is an individualized report pinpointing the root cause of your injury and what needs to be done to prevent and rehabilitate from the injury.