Reasons Endurance Athletes must do quality Resistance Training.

Reason #1: Resistance training leads to better Race times Start with the most obvious. Research has proven unequivocally that resistance training is important for making and keeping people healthy, strong, fast, and lean. We know that resistance training is good for general health, as it: 1. Enhances endocrine and immune function (which are compromised by … Read more

Daily and Warm Up Exercises to better manage tightness and fatigue- Are you doing enough?

  Many of us train 3 – 5 times a week with the main focus being on performance development or training towards a race etc. but we also need to focus on maintaining our body’s ability to do these sessions as well as can.  That means good preparation and maintenance work.  I’ve put together a … Read more

The Optimal Biomechanics Of Sprinting & Running – part 1

FOOT – GROUND CONTACT  Firstly let me say that sprinting or running does not start and end with ground contact and it is not the be all and end all of running – but we have to begin somewhere.  The foot ground contact throughout the running phase is important for both increasing acceleration and maintaining momentum. We need to be generating as much forward power as possible with as little up … Read more