The most important thing to learn for Prehab – Rehab and Performance

What is the Optimal Spinal Curvature???? There is a perception that we need to maintain an S Curve for core engagement and exercise efficiency but is this actually true? Looking at the spine there does indeed appear to be an S Shape to it.   But look again at the low back (or lumbar area … Read more

Glute Muscles – Are the glutes as important as everyone says?….. Probably

One of the major themes across fitness and particularly running magazines over the last few years has been the importance and / or value of better functioning glute muscles. Apart from the aesthetic value of these muscles, their Function or lack thereof has a massive impact on our daily activities and not just in sporting … Read more

Foot / Ankle or Calf Pain – Don’t ignore it. Strength will help but sometimes you may need help prior to exercising

Your Ankles And Feet Are Your Body’s Primary “Shock Absorber”… When They Hurt, A Chain-Effect of Pain Shoots Up Your Legs into Your Knees, Hips and Back This is called “referred pain”, and it can be unwise to ignore. See, there are opposing forces below and above your ankle. Below your ankle and along the … Read more