Speed Coaching

What we Test / Measure & Coach

Sprint Mechanics

Analyzing specific points in the sprint allows us to identify areas where we can improve a players sprint technique


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Sprint Speed & Reaction Speed 

Using a state of the art DASHR timing gate system we coach the player how to accelerate and run straight line and change of direction drills. These drills combined with the sprint mechanics show us the how well each athlete / player is developing at every stage of training.

Running Reaction drills are a great way to help players develop awareness and speed to change direction and better players have shown better times compared to less skilled players in Reactive Agility Test such as below


AT Optimal BioMechanics we believe that each player should have their own individual development plan so that they can improve their ability to perform.

Using our online training platform we can identify and develop a plan focused on your performance needs  – and still leave time to train with your team / teams.

Plans can be based on 15 mins per day so you don’t run the risk of over-training

With greater

Speed – Acceleration – Power and Athleticism

Your performance can explode



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You can also hire Leo for coaching days at your club to either coach the coaches on What, When & How to develop speed or test the players to assess their speed development needs