3 Morning exercises to reduce stiffness and lack of energy

Monday mornings get a bad rep but many of us struggle with the all too common aches and pains in the morning, every morning. I’ve found over the years that a better routine gets rid of and reduces the occurrence of morning stiffness.

I do the following three exercises when I get to the bottom of the stairs in the morning. Altogether it takes me less than 5 mins but the difference is huge.

Generally I aim for 3 – 5 slow breaths in each position aiming to breathe in to the stomach so i can get the diaphragm to expand and get all the breathing muscles opened up and working .

Every second morning I’ll follow these with mobility work on the TRX  but for now try these and see how much it changes your mornings

Short Seated Breathing


Bench Mid Thoracic Mobility

Warrior Lunge

Here’s How to Perform The Warrior Lunge:
1. Lunge forward onto front foot:

■ Keep the stomach braced.  

■ Keep both feet pointing forward.

■ Your back will form a straight line with your back leg

■ You will begin to feel a stretch under your hips, in-side your core and near the bottom of your spine.

2. Continue to move forward

■ Only move as far as comfortable.

■ You must still feel the stretch and your body might “light up” the way it does when you are engaging your muscles in a stretch.




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