Easy protein increase for injury rehab

By now everyone knows that chicken provides protein. As outlined in the previous article (Injury Nutrition) when injured we need 2.2g of protein for every kg of body weight so for a 70kg athlete that amounts to slightly more than 150g of protein

On average 100g of chicken breast contains 30g of protein, so we’d need 500g of chicken breast. Its doable but lets face it you’d probably get sick of the sight of chicken fairly quick.

Other options include

  • fish (salmon, tuna) – 26g per 100g
  • cheese – 32g per 100g
  • pork – 30g per 100g
  • eggs – 13g per 100g
  • nuts (almonds, peanuts) – 30g per 100g

That makes 150g of protein intake a lot easier, possibly easy enough not to resort to protein bars and shakes etc.

Look theres nothing wrong with taking protein shakes or bars and there is good options out there but my view on it is that when injured we often feel more hunger pangs so using a shake to get the increased protein may not satisfy your munchies.

A Suggested Meal Plan might base itself around the main ingredients of:

Breakfast – eggs

Snack – cottage cheese / Nuts

Lunch – Chicken

Snack – Fruit and Nuts

Dinner – Fish (salmon / tuna)





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