Plantar Fasciitis – what is it and how to get rid of it??

Plantar Fasciitis is also called Plantar Heel Pain (PHP) which is a much better name as the Plantar Fascia (PF) itself is not always inflamed when someone has pain in the heel area. Thickening of the PF insertion on the heel is more likely to be the cause of pain rather than inflammation.

Bending, twisting and compression forces acting on the PF are more important to resolve than tightness of the calf or leg muscles for longer term rehab. So stretching the PF is more important than calf stretching.

A major cause of poor or longer rehab times when you have PHP is the presence of nerve tightness or entrapment so if you have PHP for a while and its not going away then its worth checking if there is a nerve involvement in the injury.

Thanks to there is a quick quiz you can take which will help identify the cause of the your PHP

As a quick guide a score of 12 or less means nerve involvement is unlikely and stretching of the PF should be the main focus of treatment along with taping, insoles, strengthening and changes to running mechanics if needed.

A score of 15 and above help from a health professional is needed to relieve stress on the nerve system.


If you get a score of 12 or less then its worth trying the Di Giovanni Plantar Fascia Stretch

As the video recommends hold the stretch for at least 30s and then walk again to see if you have any improvement on pain walking or indeed running. Done regularly over the space of a week and you may see a marked improvement on the pain of the PF first thing in the morning when you first place your foot on the ground or after standing up after sitting for a long period.






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