Tight Hamstrings – Stretching is the answer right?? Maybe not

In the last post, Firing up your Glutes I touched on the idea that people may be hamstring dominant and firing the glutes with common exercises may not be working for them.

These same people often show a history of tight hamstrings and the go to advice has been to stretch them..

But have you considered that your tight hamstrings may be under too much tension due to being over stretched.

Many people with bad posture, particularly from sitting all day, display an anterior pelvic tilt.

If your pelvis is held the anterior tilt position then the hamstrings are being pulled into a lengthened and possibly weakened state.

That being the case stretching is probably the last thing you need to be doing. Ideally you should check your posture and the timing of the glute and hamstring engagement during hip extension but for now isolate the glute engagement during neutral pelvic tilt as below and see how the hamstrings respond from there If you are still felling hamstring work only then contact us for a one on one rehab training session.

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