Exercise for runners to get better big toes

Why Do This Exercise?

To help stimulate the synovial fluid production which is a natural oil for the joint. It also helps with joint mobility. which runners often lack

How To Do This Exercise?

1. Cross your left ankle over your right knee.

2. Use your left hand to stabilise your foot.

3. with a flat palm, slide your right hand between your 1st and 2nd toes, gripping your big toe.

4. Move your big toe in a clockwise direction and then in an anticlockwise direction.

How Often?

10-15 rotations clockwise 2 – 3 times daily

10-15 rotations counterclockwise

NOTE: Ensure that you are moving your toe at the base, not at the top joints.

Grinding in the joint is also fine, unless it is painful. If this is the case, stop the exercise immediately and consult your practitioner.

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