Exercise for Runners with Bunions

Why Do This Exercise?

This exercise will strengthen the muscle that moves your big toe from side to side. This will assist in slowing the progress of a bunion deformity and help with the realignment of the big toe.

How To Do This Exercise?

1. Sit on the edge of a chair with your feet on the ground.

2. Relax your feet and legs.

3. Move your big toe away from your other toes with your hand, keeping the muscles relaxed.

4. Keep the toe in this position by tensing the muscles and pushing the inside and outside edge of your toe/foot into the floor.

How Often?

How Often? …3 x 10 Secs 2 times daily

NOTE: There may not be much movement of the big toe in relation to the 2nd, only a few millimetres. The muscles need to be relaxed until the big toe is in position. You can use something to put the big toe in position if you can’t reach it e.g. ruler, wooden spoon.

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