Feel Better in 10 – 12 minutes per day

I come from a background where treatment of pain comes from doing the right exercises

It’s always concerning to me when I have clients or patients dealing with pain issues that are not compliant with their PT exercises. Sadly the most common reason for the lack of reduction in pain is not doing the exercises

The number one reason for not doing their homework exercises?

“Well, I just don’t have time.”

I did mine this morning as I try to do as part of my morning ritual. Its not possible everyday what with the 3 boys trying to stand on my head all at the same time some other such game.

My routine took 12 minutes to complete. 5 exercises – all on the TRX. Instant improvements in my movement and comfort. On with the rest of my day.

Not having time.
Being too busy.
Putting others before yourself.

These are not badges of honor, but a daily reality but it doesn’t add up to doing what is best for yourself.

I’m lucky, I don’t have chronic pain and I also know what to change if I don’t feel free or move well.

You have to take care of yourself first to help anyone else. If you can’t be there for someone because you’re in physical pain or physically incapable, then even the best of intentions don’t help much.

Even Ryanair know this. Ever listen the safety instructions talk at the beginning of every flight?

” In the case of …… Place your mask over your nose and mouth BEFORE HELPING SOMEONE ELSE.”

Our Routines are all about learning. They are not about strength, although you’ll feel stronger, They are not about flexibility, although you’ll feel more flexible.

Optimal Biomechanics in your movement and repetition allow you to regain control of your body and help resolve the pain that gets in the way of life.

TRX Morning Routine


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