How to progress your core exercises for a healthier back and improved performance

Ok in a recent post, (Vagus vs Vegas), I discussed a core engagement exercise which also integrated the relaxation response.

Part of the reason I use the Supine lying position in that exercise is because it is the starting point or baseline core re-training position. Ideally we would like our core to be engaged during all functional daily or sporting activities but we firstly need to be sure our baseline is covered.

As we progress from here we work up through a specific development pattern which gets incrementally harder and the core gets incrementally stronger as a result

The progression pattern is fairly easy to follow but it allows a coach / therapist to assess / quantify whether an athlete is ready for each stage based on the ability to do the prescribed exercises

Obviously the end goal is to be able to do the standing core exercises efficiently particularly a standing sport specific core exercise like a BOSU Lunge and Press.

But if someone struggles with a half kneeling core exercise then the benefit of doing a standing core routine is at best diminished and at worst placing the body at risk of injury.

Once competent at all levels then a handy way of using the progression on a daily basis is to use one exercise from each group as a warm up for your training an example of which is shown below

As a starting point aim to do 90s of each exercise and see how your core feels after 1 set. Build up to doing 2 – 3 mins on each exercise


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