What happens to you when you sit for too long too often…..

Commonly referred to as the new smoking, sitting for long periods is causing increasing strain on the health and well being of millions across the globe.

As we sit at school, work and at home (eating, tv time, and driving) its easy to rack up 8 – 10 hours of sitting per day

But what does it do to the body and what are the consequences for you??

For this post lets take a quick look at the Hip flexors. When we sit our hip flexors get in to a habit of being short and lazy.

Over time this habit transfers to standing as seen below though it doesn’t appear to make a huge difference when looking with the naked eye

When looking with a measurement system like our Kinetisense system however we can see the changes in the relationships between the joints. 

With shortened hip flexors our bodies have a choice of

a. standing in a flexed hip position as I’m doing above or

b. compensate elsewhere

The most common compensation seen clinically is the anterior pelvic tilt position with increased low back curve (called lordosis) as seen below.

The problem with this any other compensation pattern is that it leads to poor movement quality i.e. poor biomechanics.

Poor biomechanics leads to increased risk of injury which means that while you are exercising for the right reasons you may still be putting yourself on the road to pain and injury.

There are many ways to many ways we can use to improve your posture and biomechanics but if we can develop a daily routine to offset the bad habits caused by sitting then we have made a great leap forward towards a better you and a more injury proofed body. check out the 2 short videos below for a couple of short routines to loosen up the hip flexors


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